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General and pediatric ENT

All common ENT pathologies are treated at our office, for children and adults: 


• Allergic, inflammatory or infectious pathologies of the ENT sphere: otitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, cervical lymphadenitis. 

• Other pathologies of the ENT sphere, face and neck:

- ENT oncology (oral cavity, pharynx, larynx)

- Salivary glands (parotid, submandibular, sublingual)

- Thyroid and parathyroid glands


Deafness, tinnitus, hyperacusis;

Deafness screening, child, hearing test, audiogram, ASSR, auditory evoked potentials
Deafness screening, adult, hearing test, audiogram, presbycusis, tinnitus, auditory evoked potentials

Hearing is an essential sense for the acquisition and maintenance of language and other cognitive functions. It also represents a sense of alert, the only one that remains vigilant during sleep.


Many congenital or acquired diseases, trauma, tumors or medications can impair hearing and generate symptoms such as hearing loss, tinnitus, hyperacusis. 


With many years of expertise in the field of hearing, a technical platform allowing all the necessary explorations to be carried out, and networking with audioprosthetists, otological surgeons, psychologists, sophrologists, etc., the Doctors in our office are able to assess your hearing problem and offer you the right solution for your problem, including innovative therapies like LENIRE for tinnitus. 

Dizziness and balance problems

Positional vertigo, imbalance, Ménière, crystals
Positional vertigo, imbalance, Ménière, crystals

Vertigos (from the latin “vertere”, to turn) are a spinning sensation originated in most cases by a disease affecting the inner ear. Balance disorders on the other hand may have different origins (inner ear, eyesight, nervous system, muscles, articulations, medications…). 

Vertigos and balance disorders are extremely frequent. They affect the quality of life of patients and may result in falls with serious consequences eventually (falls are the most frequent cause of accidental death among the elderly).


For nearly thirty years Dr Lavagna has developed a remarkable expertise, acclaimed in all the region, in diagnosis and treatment of vertigos and balance disorders. His service is among the only ones in Europe to offer practical studies of the balance system and rehabilitation from balance disorders using the most sophisticated and latest devices (SMART EQUITEST, TRV chair).


Sleep pathologies

Sleep disorders f.jpg

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) affects 4 to 10% of the population according to studies. It can affect children and adults, but its frequency increases with age and is two to four times more common in men before the age of 60. 


OSA can ultimately lead to neurological complications (drowsiness, headaches, stroke, cognitive disorders, etc.), psychological complications (mood and libido disorders), and cardiovascular complications (arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, heart rhythm disorders, etc.).


The therapeutic approach to OSA is multidisciplinary, and above all involves a careful evaluation of possible anatomical malformations of the upper respiratory tract (nasal cavity, nasopharynx, nasopharyngeal isthmus, oropharynx, larynx, oral cavity (dentition, dental articulation ), and the patient’s morphology (neck, weight, etc.).


The role of the ENT is therefore fundamental. Our doctors specialize in sleep pathologies and will offer you as part of a holistic assessment of your pathology:


  • A complete exploration of the upper respiratory tract (fibroscopy of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx, pharynx, larynx and upper part of the trachea).

  • Rhinomanometry which evaluates nasal resistance. 

  • A polyygraphic, or even polysomnographic, sleep recording, carried out at your home after fitting at our office. 


At the end of the assessment, they will be able to prescribe and follow the treatment adapted to your OSA (Continuous Positive Pressure device, mandibular advancement orthosis). 

Pathologies du sommeil
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