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After more than thirty years of directing the ENT department of the Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco and practicing in private, Doctor Pierre Lavagna will open in January 2024 in the Principality OTONEURO MONACO, a Center of Excellence for Hearing and Balance.


This center will bring together physicians specialized in otoneurology, of international reputation, highly qualified personnel and a technical platform offering all the explorations currently available for the evaluation of hearing and balance. 


The pathologies treated will range from hearing loss to tinnitus and hyperacusis, including vertigo and balance disorders.


Each patient will benefit from a complete assessment at OTONEURO MONACO including the collection of medical data and explorations which will make it possible to offer the most advanced treatments in each area of our activity: 


  • For deafness : drug treatment, surgery, hearing aids, cochlear implants, bimodal equipment (combination of a hearing aid on one side and a cochlear implant on the other), with the collaboration of the biggest industrial players in this sector and a multidisciplinary team experienced in this practice.
  • For tinnitus and hyperacusis : multidisciplinary care, hearing protection, hearing aids, sound therapies, bimodal neuro stimulation (LENIRE)

  • For vertigo and balance disorders : drug treatment, surgery, trans-tympanic injections, rehabilitation of the balance system (computerized platform, virtual reality, mechanized seat for positional vertigo).


The OTONEURO MONACO team will rely on close collaboration with international research organizations (INSERM and Montpellier Neuroscience Institute, Hanover University Hospital) and the biggest players in the hearing aid, implant cochlear therapy and innovative therapies in the field of hearing to constantly offer the best possible care to our patients. 


The OTONEURO MONACO website will be online from the first days of October 2023, but it is possible from today to benefit from all the assessments and treatments that will be offered by making an appointment. 


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